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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Making Soil Blocks

Since spring is here and this is one of the busiest times of year at FiveDollarFarm we are focusing on basic areas that will become habit once you start implementing them.  One of these areas is planting your own seeds in soil for the plants that you want to grow.  Whether those plants are part […]

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Baby Chicks in the Ohio Brooder

  On Wednesday, we put 61 Cornish Giant X meat birds into our newly built Ohio Brooder.  It was very cold last night and I was worried that they would be warm enough.  They seem to all be okay after five days.  As it shows in the video the chicks are very active.  They will […]

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What Are We Lacking?

An interesting thought occurred to me recently.  As I was in a bookstore while  travelling, I noticed near the entrance of the store a table of books that were obviously placed there to grab customers attention and hoped to be purchased.  All the books related to health; eating, exercising, weight loss, etc.  Why is this […]

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