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Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Minute Details of Farming

Recent trends indicate that more younger people want to get into farming or become farmers but might be discouraged by initial capital outlay, lack of resources, or a bevy of other challenges.  FiveDollarFarm started with an older couple that just flat out wanted to do something different and make a change in their own lives. […]

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End of Year Farm Report

Here it is in mid-October and I find myself online looking at all the many of varieties of tomatoes that are available for sale.  I quickly became frustrated and literally had to walk away from the computer and get myself a cup of coffee.  I did get back to it eventually after giving some thought […]

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Fall on a Farm

So many things happen when autumn arrives on a farm even a small one like ours.  We have been blessed to learn so many new and improved concepts this growing season.  Our tomatoes have been outstanding this year and we have made a great quantity of sauces by canning tomatoes.  We have had to deal […]

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Information on Tomato Hornworm

New page with information on the tomato hornworm also lovingly refereed to as the big green caterpillar or tomato worms.   See it here; Tomato Hornworm   Also for a picture of what the perfect tomatoes look like, click here:   The Perfect Tomato      

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