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Sustainable Farming

A small intensively managed farm in Southeastern Pennsylvania is what FiveDollarFarm is.  The farm currently produces chicken, herbs, vegetables, and landscape perennials.  The goal of FiveDollarFarm is to produce enough slow food for approximately 25 families in our immediate area.  Our hope is to be an inspiration to others. We want to teach what we have learned to as many people as possible.   Aspiring to have a micro influence on the planet and have committed to do our part with the resources that God has given us to care for.


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We follow the principles of other farmers who are attempting to solve many problems as they relate to farming.  Some of these challenges are energy management and consumption. Healthy food that heals land as it is produced, spiritual satisfaction, and myriad others concern us.  We are not connected with Joel Salatin. We often refer to his material and online information to assist us in maintaining an evolutionary stable strategy.  His books and videos inspire us to do more for ourselves and learn the importance of caring for ourselves and others around us.

We know that farming can be difficult but we have learned that it does not have to be.  Do not listen to what others tell you what they think farming should mean to you. Pursue your own dreams and live the life you want.  We have changed our attitudes completely towards farming.  Now we let nature takes it’s course with a guiding hand from us.  We are thankful for all we have and know that we have more than we will ever need.  We teach this to our children and our children’s children.

If you would like to visit the farm please contact us through phone or email to make arrangements.

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