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What we do here

This morning I arose early and headed to my outbuilding office to get ‘online’ after deciding to telecommute.  I could not face the drive in today.  It should be in the sixties and is sunny.  Good decision.  What is required to make the trek into the office consumes the better part of two hours of […]

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Little Did He Know …

… that when mid-July was in full swing, that he would be exhausted by the experience.  He would have suspected as much, but he did not know it, until now.  While looking around, he reflected that this had all transpired in matter of months.  In December of last year late, they had visited the property […]

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When I Said! When?

Besides having perfect grammar in the title of the post, you may also notice from the content, that I am impatient. I spent the week going back and forth with a potential lender for our purchase of Five Dollar Farm. Within one hour, I promptly replied with all the requested documentation as well as my […]

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Five Dollar Farm Update

On Sunday, we tried to bring the Five Dollar Farm one step closer to reality by requesting pre-approval for a mortgage from a local lending facility.  The past twenty-four hours have been excruciating for me as I have no patience to wait for the lender to return my call with news whether it is good […]

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