Five Dollar Farm Update

One Step Closer

On Sunday, we tried to bring the Five Dollar Farm one step closer to reality by requesting pre-approval for a mortgage from a local lending facility.  The past twenty-four hours have been excruciating for me as I have no patience to wait for the lender to return my call with news whether it is good or bad.  What to do.  This may be a lesson in patience that I need.

five dollar farm

Many actions are contingent upon the offer and acceptance of the offer to purchase this property.  We are trying to plan for the spring planting as well as how to move into the place over what period of time.  After last summers move, I have decided to put some overlap into the move so we will not be rushed.  By that I mean we will have both places for about a two month period so we can casually move on weekends and weeknights.  Why rush if you don’t have to?

I hope to have some good new soon and will provide that information here just as soon as we receive it.  Stay tuned.

Johnny R

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