Great Start for 2016

Here at FiveDollarFarm we are excited about the coming year.  Not even this Nor’easter could get us down.  We are getting ready for a great year with our new greenhouse and all the great food we are going to grow here.  We’ve been perusing the seed catalogs to determine what we will be growing this year.  We will be trying our hand at making soil blocks to cut down on waste.

We are very busy with our core product line this year which is our pastured poultry.  The chicken tractors will be updated with a few new ones to be made.  We currently have one brooder and have plans to add one more and rehabilitate the one we are using now.  Stay tuned for our new and improved order form and additional information about when the  poultry will be available.

Enjoy the pictures.


Wishing well beside the main house at FiveDollarFarm.
Wishing well beside the main house at FiveDollarFarm.

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