What Are We Lacking?

Life Well Lived

Do we all seek a life well lived?  An interesting thought occurred to me recently.   While  travelling and stopping in a bookstore, I noticed near the entrance of the store a table of books that were obviously placed there to grab customers attention and hoped to be purchased.  All the books related to health; eating, exercising, weight loss, etc.  Why is this such a popular topic?  An English high school teacher told me that books are written about subjects that are currently popular.

There are books to chose from.
There are books to chose from.

Hope and Change You Can Believe In

I began to ponder why this was such a popular subject.  Are Americans dissatisfied with their appearance or their weight, and their diets?  I think they are.  Our careers, marriages, families, and many other areas of our lives need so much help.  How many people want to but never really live their lives the way that they desire to?  Great changes can be made by merely making a decision to do so in the moment.  This is our personal power.  We all have a equal amount of it and no one has more than any other. Once a desire has been made the universe will conspire to make it happen.  Why don’t more people know this?  Sadness and disappointment follow many a man to the grave.

FiveDollarFarm will explore these topics more in-depth in the coming months.  Watch us strive to grow go food for local people.  Others will learn to do the same by our teaching.  We want everyone to have a healthy, wealthy, happy lifestyle.  Stick with us as we get full swing into the spring season and begin eating in season foods.  You won’t regret it.

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