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Thank you for submitting your request for a 2016 CSA Chicken Share at FiveDollarFarm.

We will contact you shortly to confirm your order and offer payment options.  Feel free to email any questions you may have to

Meanwhile, below is some more information about our birds that come from our farm to your table.


Here at FiveDollarFarm our primary product as of 2016 is pastured poultry.  With such a large expanse in our back fields, we decided it was the perfect place to raise pastured poultry.  The ground is flat and bordered on all sides by tree lines that were probably originally placed to create paddocks for the farm.

During the late summer of 2015 we ran our first test batch of Cornish giants through the fields to see if we could produce a chicken worthy of our customers high standards.  In our opinion, we did a pretty good job and produced what we think was a high quality chicken.  We also learned many things that will help us to produce a better chicken at a lower price for our customers.

We realized that our pen was to big to handle.  We originally built the larger pen to give the chickens plenty of room to move about but to be able to move daily.  Our 12′ by 10′ pen was just a bit too big for a single person to move without a device such as a wheeled rack.  So we decided we would make a smaller pen with fewer birds that would be easier to handle.  That way we can cover more ground with more pens.  We have decided that we will probably never have more than six pens in use at any given time.  We want to limit the number of birds we produce so we can maintain a higher quality product.

Chicken Tractor

We also learned that we need a better brooder for our chicks.  The one that we custom built worked well, but found that it wasn’t the easiest to access.  So we have a new design that is waiting to be built as soon as the weather breaks.

We also learned quite a bit about processing our chickens.  Without the proper equipment processing is time consuming.  Plucking a chicken is a difficult task if done by hand.  So we are building the “Whizbang” chicken picker after purchasing the plans from Mr. Herrick Kimball.  This device will be completed in time for processing our first batch.  We will have videos on our YouTube channel when the picker is completed.

Whizbang Chicken Picker

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to join our newsletter.  We don’t send them out often so you won’t be overwhelmed with junk mail, but we will reach out to you when something new and exciting is happening at our farm.


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