When I Said! When?

Farm Work Break

Besides having perfect grammar in the title of the post, you may also notice from the content, that I am impatient. I spent the week going back and forth with a potential lender for our purchase of Five Dollar Farm. Within one hour, I promptly replied with all the requested documentation as well as my primary acknowledgement that I grant the lender the authorization to pull my credit report. Some might think this is not a big deal, but I assure you, it is. This will be known as a hard inquiry on your credit file and may adversely affect your FICO score. But again, I digress. I will have more on this process at a latter time.

Take a Break

Our small regional lender assured me that all did look well and requested one further document that I found quite easily and submitted. However, this document contained an electronic signature. The gentleman responded that he needed a ‘signed’ copy. Again, to the lawyer’s office requesting a ‘signed’ copy. The paralegal responded with the document was filed electronically and this is the only copy. Back to the lender. I need the signed copy or the underwriter may not fund the loan.
Thinking. I am Thinking. Still Thinking. Does the underwriter not understand how a electronic signature works? Do I want to get a loan from people that do business like this? Should I be so picky in this type of tumultuous financial environment? What to do? What to do?

The man of the day is Jack Harbaugh. He cannot lose and must have a gigantic smile on his face.

Onward! I will merely wait it out as I lead the game 24-19, with the ball on my own 43, first down and four to go, with a minute six left on the clock. Oh! And I have all my timeouts remaining.

Happy SuperBowl Sunday, Folks!

Johnny R

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