Winter Farm Projects

Farm Work Never Ends

When retirement comes I am certain we would be in Florida by now.  However, I maintain an off farm position. Our fifth year at FiveDollarFarm has seen better planning and job completion primarily due to learning how to manage our time better. Below are some of our winter projects.  Improvement never ends if you are committed to it. Come along and grow with us.

Bee Hives for Spring

Spring will see the completion of two newly populated hives.  Pollination of our orchard will be better than ever this year.  Bees love apple blossoms.  These are homemade.  I made a finger joint jig to help make the work flow like a river. All that’s left it finish with ‘two coats of paint.

winter farm projects

Electric Line Repair

The man who fixed the plumbing wrecked the electric. His excavator nicked the underground 3/0 line that provides 100 amps to the garage and greenhouse.  I dug it up but had to hire an electrician to do the work as I wanted it done correctly.  You can see how contact with the ground oxidized the aluminum wire very quickly. as I measured the voltage on that leg on the ends it dropped 10 volts a week until nothing was left.

winter farm projects

Firewood and Dead Tree Removal

I had a tree to be cut down but just couldn’t get to it in the spring.  This was an ash tree that fortunately seasons very quickly so I can burn it this year. I surprised myself with a first fairly level cut whilst holding the saw on the horizontal.  See the Husqvarna chainsaw review here.

winter farm projects

Stay tuned as we find more fun things to do on the farm this winter.


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