I thought it would be too cliche to just suddenly proclaim to anyone “Happy Thanksgiving!” that I may see today including my family. This year has been one for the ages, and no doubt we will remember for a long time to come, each differently depending upon how we feel about what is happening. Our individual and collective well-beings are truly being challenged as we live through this tumultuous time in history.

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As I meditated and prayed this morning, my connection to the Source was easier than it had been recently and I found myself keenly aware of some universal reassurance that all will unfold according to plan. As if King Solomon himself had placed his hand upon my shoulder and said calmly to me, “This too shall pass.” I have been prepared in all the ways that one can be to face almost any uncertainty.

Now I bow my head and give thanks for all the loved ones in my life, including my dear friends and family, those I have met recently and taken an immediate liking to, as well as a deep connected feeling of fellowship. My life is so much better for having all of you in it and I am truly thankful for you all.

We shall move onto our next challenge and strive to do the Will of God as best we can while caring for each other.

For me today is a day of reflection and gratitude that I try to replicate each and every day. My hope is that you can do the same.

Peace and love to all my fellows.