Health Habits

Health habits improve with consistent daily choices. Everyday is a new chance to make an improvement in your health. Although it’s difficult to maintain a healthy eating plan as we near the Christmas holidays, personal food choice is ultimately up to you. Excuses will not help you overcome poor decisions so just leave them behind. If you find yourself invited to a party that may not have the best selections, perhaps you could bring some as a courtesy. I am certain that not everyone will disparage having a greater selection with healthy choices.

Health Habit
Vegetable Tray – Providing your own healthy alternative to improve your health habits.

Eat Less and at Specific Times

Try eating less and at specific times. We have a tendency to eat too much and eat often. Restaurants almost always provide more than an adequate serving. If I said “Supersize” you would know exactly what that means. Snacking in between meals is detrimental to your health. Select a block of time that you will eat at and try not to deviate from that schedule. This gives your body rest and time to digest and process the nutrition you provide. This is one of the most important health habits to have. We have more about this in our “Intermittent Fasting” resource. There is also many other resources on intermittent fasting available on the internet. Here is another great resource to help you get started by Dr. Eric Berg.

Find Your Health Habits Motivator

Find someone to help encourage you. Some of the best resources to help you in your battle to a healthy lifestyle are free. Your friends and family who care about you deeply can also provide support and encouragement on this life-changing journey. You can make these choices together or just check in with them at predetermined times to let them know how you are doing. Just be cautious of loved ones who try to convince you that “you should do what you want because you only live once.” This is a self-destructive attitude and is not the best for you. You will know when you find the person who is your true champion.

Create a Health Habits Journal

Journal how you are feeling. Writing down the progress you are making and how you feel about it is an important step to your success. Reviewing what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you is a powerful tool. When you note your emotional state, you will know what food choices benefit you the most. Try writing in a journal for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference. Before long, you will automatically know which foods to avoid.

Health habits journal
Health habits can improve when noted in a journal.