Welcome to FiveDollarFarm! Our goal is to help you. We help individuals improve their health through better nutrition. We do that in two ways. We provide information on how you can improve your health. Secondly, we grow and produce healthy foods such as microgreens all year long that can be delivered to your door ( in certain areas, of course). During the growing season we also have farm fresh, organically grown varieties that allow you to eat healthy in season.

FiveDollarFarm Greenhouse

If you are interested in learning more about our microgreens and the benefits they can provide to your health, go here. Microgreens

If you are interested in having a variety of delicious microgreens delivered to your door in the Montgomeryville, PA area, go here. [link]

To learn more about the restaurants that we provide microgreens and fresh organically grown produce for, go here. [link]

If you need further information about FiveDollarFarm and what we do, you can email us at john@fivedollarfarm.com or call us at 610-564-9060. We will answer if we can but if not, leave a message and we can get back to you as soon as practical. Thanks!