Frequently Asked Questions

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are plant shoots that have been seeded and grown for a very short period of time, usually between 8 and 14 days although some varieties can be grown for longer periods of time. These shoots are exceptionally nutritious and are densely packed with vitamins and minerals that are part of an optimal diet.

What types of microgreens are there?

There are many different types of microgreens. If you can imagine whatever type of vegetable you like to eat, that can probably be a microgreen. Some of the most common and popular varieties are sunflower shoots, pea shoots, radish shoots, broccoli shoots, cabbage shoots, arugula and many more.

What do microgreens taste like?

Microgreens often taste like the variety of plant that you either like or don’t like. For instance, peas shoots taste like peas and cabbage shoots taste like cabbage. Often the flavor of microgreens is much more intense as is the case with arugula, which has a peppery flavor. This unique flavor is an excellent way to quickly add a great taste to your everyday salad.

How can I use microgreens?

There is no wrong way to enjoy delicious and nutritious microgreens. Many people use them primarily in salads but they are also good in soups. You can use them in tacos, burritos, or as a garnish on your favorite dish. You can even eat them by themselves! Children love sunflower shoots as a snack.

Can I grow my own microgreens?

You can most certainly grow your own microgreens in your home or where ever you have the space available. It doesn’t require much space or equipment. Growing your own food is highly rewarding. Not only do you get to see it grow and get to care for your microgreens, you will also know that it was not exposed to any harmful chemicals or unhealthy ingredients. If you want to know more about growing your own microgreens, you can follow this [link] to our helpful information.